Telemedicine is available at Roundup Memorial Healthcare

Definition:  Telemedicine is the use of telecommunications to provide medical information and services. (Perednia and Allen, 1995).  This is done with a two-way (real-time voice and video) interactive television for face-to face consultation or as a live question and answer educational video conference.

RMH has connected with Eastern Montana Telemedicine Network ( and their Partners.   Please contact our local Telehealth Site Coordinator at 406-323-2301 to schedule a telemedicine conference or register for an educational session.

Telemedicine Advantages:


  • Provides specialty care appointments with video consultation from a rural clinic to a participating specialist. It limits travel and associated costs for our patients.
  • Compliments healthcare services available in the local community.
  • Allows patients to continue visiting with a local healthcare provider and enjoying the support of our hometown.


  • Provides healthcare providers (including ambulance personnel) education without leaving town. It eliminates travel expenses and time away from work
  • Provides a convenient way to keep staff updated on the latest medical advancements.