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Diabetes Resources

First, find out if you are at risk for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. 

Take our online quiz or print off a prediabetes screening test[PDF- 757KB].

Roundup Memorial Healthcare has a Diabetes Prevention Program that offers many resources and counseling opportunities.  You may contact Faith (406) 323-3337 our diabetes program coordinator if you would like to join some of our diabetes education classes we have available.  Classes are based on the American Association of Diabetes Educators curriculum (AADE-7) Diabetes Self Management Behavioral Goals.  Please not that your RMH provider needs to provide a referral to enroll.

View the brochure here!

RMH also offers a Diabetes Support Group!

We have a Diabetes Support Group that meets every month in the RMH conference room. Click here to view upcoming support group meetings.  Please come and join us!  Registration is required for attendance, please contact Faith at (406)323-4955.

View the brochure here!

Chronic Care Management Services

How do I get started?

  1. Have Medicare pare A & B
  2. Have 2 or more chronic conditions
  3. Be established with an RMH provider
  4. Ask your provider if you qualify during your next routine clinic visit
  5. Call the Chronic Conditions Management (CCM) Nurse to request enrollment in the program, if you are established with an RMH provider and have been seen in the clinic within the past 12 months.

What are the benefits?

  1. Become a partner with your CCM team - including a designated provider and a CCM Nurse to help you better manage your chronic conditions symptoms and offer support to help you meet your personal health management goals
  2. The CCM RN helps coordinate outside provider referrals, resources and care with your primary provider.
  3. Improving your quality of health through individualized preventative care, symptom management, health coaching, and early intervention from your home.
  4. Have 24/7 access to an RMH healthcare provider after hours for chronic condition concerns
  5. access and conference with a Care Coordinator monthly and as needed to help coordinate your care.

Please contact our Community Care Coordinator for more information (406) 323-3337.

Telemedicine is available at Roundup Memorial Healthcare

Definition:  Telemedicine is the use of telecommunications to provide medical information and services. (Perednia and Allen, 1995).  This is done with a two-way (real-time voice and video) interactive television for face-to face consultation or as a live question and answer educational videoconference.

RMH has connected with Eastern Montana Telemedicine Network ( and their Partners.   Please contact our local Telehealth Site Coordinator at 406-323-2301 to schedule a telemedicine conference or register for an educational session.

Telemedicine Advantages:


  • Provides specialty care appointments with video consultation from a rural clinic to a participating specialist. It limits travel and associated costs for our patients.
  • Compliments healthcare services available in the local community.
  • Allows patients to continue visiting with a local healthcare provider and enjoying the support of our hometown.


  • Provides healthcare providers (including ambulance personnel) education without leaving town. It eliminates travel expenses and time away from work
  • Provides a convenient way to keep staff updated on the latest medical advancements.

Community Health Needs Assessment

Musselshell County, Montana Frontier Medicine Better Health Partnership Community Health Needs Assessment Report.

Click here to view the CHNA web page

Financial Assistance

For more information see our Patient Rights page or download and print the below form:

Financial Assistance Form

RMH Financial Assistance Policy

 Patient Release of Information form: getting your medical records

If you need a copy of your records sent somewhere please fill out this form, sign it in the ink, and return it to the Medical Records Department.

Release of Information Form